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Preparing for your audition

The purpose of this audition is to act as an Open Day for students to take class and experience our faculty, diploma and what we will be offering. 

The audition is a carefully conceived assessment, taught by guest/college teachers and assessed by senior faculty members. We are assessing candidates current skills as well as looking for potential and raw talent. We want every candidate to feel comfortable and unafraid of judgement- we want everyone to shine and show us their best. Do not be afraid if you are unexperienced or new to any of the dancing or singing.

After the classes, there will be an individual interview to see candidates motivation and passion. We understand many candidates are not fluent in English and no assessment will be made on language skills. Our aim is to assess the best way we can help candidate to achieve their goals. 


Ballet Class: Leotard & Tights and ballet shoes

Singing Workshop: Casual clothing of candidates choice

Jazz Class: Leotards + Tights/Leggings, jazz shoes or bare feet (no trainers)


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