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LPAC is situated in the exciting and energetic city of Lisbon. It is a centre of

excellence providing affordable but cutting edge and innovative training in the

performing arts, both in dance and musical theatre.

Although a new venture, LPAC believes wholeheartedly that Portugal and, indeed

all of Europe will benefit from the vision that is being put in place and that already

has backing and support from many high profile individuals established in

the professional performing arts industry.


To act as a centre of inspiration and creativity where individuals that have the talent, passion and potential to succeed in the performing arts industry can realise their

dreams through a curriculum and support network that will nurture and define each student both through their personal strengths and performing skills.


To build a fully inclusive global family that welcomes students from all backgrounds and cultures, embracing diversity.

To provide them with every opportunity to realise their potential, believe in themselves and to be supported, encouraged and trusted by a faculty of professionals who will inspire confidence, discipline, talent and passion.


We are committed to create a positive and warm learning environment where it is encouraged to experiment, take risks to collaboratively develop each student’s skills and ambitions into life- long career opportunities.


The curriculum will be designed to maximise every student’s talents and individual

needs. All aspects of dance and theatre training will be undertaken both in a practical and

contextual sense.


 Both physical and mental well-being is at the heart of our philosophy and


All faculty members will have professional experience in both performing and


A structured and transparent assessment system will be in place to ensure a clear

reporting method provides feedback and positive guidance for development at

regular intervals. 



To develop experience in audition technique.

To develop a centre of excellence for choreographers /producers /directors to be

able to come to with the knowledge that they can recruit highly skilled,

conscientious and passionate artists.

A wide range of career opportunities will be investigated in theatre, TV, films,

commercial dance and cruise ships to name a few.

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